Why doesn’t the Database and Semantic Web research community interact more?

I was in Chicago to meet with colleagues from the Graph Query Language task force at the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) so we could have an impromptu face-to-face meeting (great progress towards our graph query language proposal!). They were in Chicago attending one of the main academic database conferences: SIGMOD/PODS. I was able to take a quick look at papers, demos and tutorials.

I left with the following question: Why doesn’t the Database and Semantic Web research community interact more? The cross pollination, in my opinion, is minimal. It should be much bigger. A couple of examples:

If you go to two conferences of your field in a year, consider swapping one conference to attend another conference in a different field. For example, for the Semantic Web community, if you attend ISWC and ESWC, consider swapping one of those to attend SIGMOD or VLDB. Same for the database community.  VLDB 2017 will be in Munich from August 28th to September 1, 2017.

I made a list of papers from SIGMOD/PODS (research papers, demos and tutorials) that I believe are relevant to the Semantic Web community. The SIGMOD and PODS papers are available online

PODS Papers



SIGMOD Tutorials

P.S. For the travel and points geeks. Last minute travel to Chicago was really expensive. Over $500 USD.  I was able to use 25000 miles and pay just $10 USD. And I even got upgraded to first class!

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